Writing Assistance

Because your words matter

Bringing your personal story or message to the page
Receive respectful, encouraging support as you work to create writing you can be proud of.

Writing and editing services for organizations
Rest easy knowing your important writing project will get sensitive and prompt attention, and will reflect well the messages that matter to you.

I have spent decades writing, editing, coaching, co-authoring, teaching, and providing other writing assistance to individuals and organizations. Contact me to help with your writing project.


I can assist you with:
     • Book and article writing
     • Memoir/autobiography
     • Inspirational and training material
     • Grant writing, program materials, and more
     • Personalized poems, tributes, prayers, or songs

My main writing expertise is in these topic areas:
     • Personal growth and transformation
     • Spirituality
     • Arts and aging
     • Personal health
     • Addiction recovery
     • Life stories


As your writing coach, I’ll help you clarify your purpose and plans, organize your writing, and get your ideas flowing. You’ll get personalized, supportive feedback to keep you on track and enhance your writing. You might be surprised at how much writing skill you discover in yourself as we work together.


Need a second “eye” to ensure that your writing is as good as you want it to be? I can review your manuscript and offer a few editing tips — or take on the full task of editing your manuscript. I’ll edit anything from a short opinion piece or personal tribute to a book-length work.

“I love what you’ve done with the editing, Pat! Absolutely love it. I was thinking this a.m. how grateful I am for you and your
skill but even more for reading between the lines and seeing the spirit
and not just the words. It’s so nice to work with someone who I trust
so fully!”

– Brenda Iliff, author of A Woman’s Guide to Recovery

Teaching Writing

I’ll come to your group or organization and teach personal story writing (memoir) to people in mid-to-late life. My teaching is based on a coaching model, assisting people in reaching their personal writing goals rather than providing a formal course of study in writing.

“What a great day it was when you agreed to teach writing classes here at Loren on Park! Something about your style helps build trust in a group. We were really able to drop our protective guards and reveal ourselves to one another, shedding tears along the way, recognizing our own stories in someone else’s, and celebrating moments of clarity.

“The memoirs classes have launched us into some new territory – showing us how to dig deep, giving us permission to do things our own way while giving careful consideration to the helpful comments you and our writing buddies share.”
– Vicki McNabb, Resident Services Coordinator at Ebenezer’s Loren on Park