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Often when I ask the Divine Spirit within me for guidance, that guidance comes in poetic form. Others who hear this poetry have told me it stirs an awakening in their own inner spirit.

May you sense your own stirrings as the words on this page greet you. I invite you to check back here for new poems as the Spirit continues to offer them to me.


Still yourself
There is nothing still to do
Everything meant for this moment is
already taken care of
I am taken care of
So are you
Stay still in the hearth of
your heart


Pat Samples © Copyright 2015

What’s So Funny?

Laughter punctures
lethargy and depression
inflates light bubbles
Most everything is pretty funny
if you wink about it
Today’s sports headline:
Delight Beats Depression, 2 to 1

Release draggy, draggy dogface
Pick yourself up and move
Snap open the tense trap
Dump the dullness
Get out of the house
and go for a fun

Turn prayer into play
Who wants to hang out
with a dowdy soul anyway!
Not God, I’ll bet
Get the creation fever
Make something up
God must have had a lot of fun
making the universe
making frogs and pugs
greening grasshoppers
putting the stingers in bees
I’ll bet God even jumped
for joy sometimes
at what his rolly polly holy
creative spirit
sprinkled into being

Catch this creative fever
Stand on your head
Make something upside down for once
Then have a good laugh

Pat Samples © Copyright 2017


over time
breath held
shoulders rounded
sunken chest
taut belly
over time
we blame it on aging

we could instead sit up
lift the sagging chest
inhale the breath
of inspiration

all the way to the belly
fill out our torso tall and strong

awaken the heart into living life
getting ready
for aging with grace

Pat Samples © Copyright 2017

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No Special Reason

No one knows how happy my heart is
not for any special reason
not because something pleased me
Happy just took hold of me and wants to play
How can I be grumpy with a friend like that?
Sure my body hurts
         my heart hurts

         my floor is flooded
Who cares on a happy day?
I’m off to play

Pat Samples © Copyright 2015