Daily Comforts for Caregivers

Each of the 366 daily readings in this book will help you comfort and care for yourself so you can get a saner and more peaceful perspective on the challenges of caregiving. You’ll get in touch with your own spiritual and practical wisdom.

You’ll get help with the many stressors that challenge you such as grief, resentment, exhaustion, and guilt. An inspiring, practical affirmation concludes each day’s meditation. More and more churches, senior programs and facilities, and disability organizations are offering Daily Comforts as a gift to family members caring for a loved one.

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Self-Care for Caregivers:
A Twelve Step Approach

Even though you care deeply, there are times when you feel angry or guilty or want to scream when it’s all too much. Self-Care for Caregivers guides you through a sane, practical approach to managing the stresses of caregiving through self-care and personal awareness.

It offers a plan — the Twelve Steps — that the authors have used themselves to deal with the emotional strains of caregiving and to find peace of mind. These are the same Twelve Steps that have been the salvation for millions of alcoholics and their family members as they have dealt with the chronic sickness of the alcoholic and how it affects everyone around them.

Through offering many stories, exercises, and a detailed guide through each of the Twelve Steps, the book is like a friend walking with you through the hard times. You’ll learn healthy ways of dealing with your emotional and spiritual struggles. You’ll find out how to rely on a Higher Power through it all. This book is a must if you expect to be in the caregiving role for the long haul.

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Comfort and Be Comforted:
Reflections for Caregivers

Comfort and Be Comforted offers suggestions for dealing with fatigue, anger, worry, finances and other practical matters alongside meditations on themes of hope, patience, service, love, appreciation and dozens of other vital issues.

Not only family caregivers, but chaplains and medical professionals will find a wealth of comforting, affirming thoughts in more than 100 encouraging, single-page reflections. Volume discounts make this little book an ideal gift that organizations can distribute for a holiday, open house, marketing support, or caregiver event.

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The Secret Wisdom of a Woman’s Body:
Freeing Yourself to Live Passionately and Age Fearlessly

A Book to Read and Share
with Other Women

Enormous rewards await you when you learn to trust and respect your body. This revolutionary guide goes way beyond the usual anti-aging recipes for fitness and healthy eating to help you discover the surprising emotional and spiritual riches of your body. It features practical exercises, fun activities, and inspiring stories that teach you how to live passionately and age fearlessly.

Through mindful and playful attention to your body’s stories, you’ll learn core emotional and spiritual lessons that foster authentic, integrated living. You’ll discover how to find meaning from your experiences, which makes it easier to resolve lingering or painful issues. As you feel more at home in your body, you’ll feel a renewed sense of passion and creativity—and rediscover your own innate beauty, wisdom, and power.

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Body Odyssey:
Lessons from the Bones and Belly

This inspiring memoir and guide reveals the emotional and spiritual riches of the aging body Body Odyssey: Lessons from the Bones and Belly will change the way you think about your body as you age.In sharp contrast to the current anti-aging mania, author Pat Samples shows us how to appreciate and learn from the ever-expanding wisdom of our bodies as we age. They are fascinating archives, jam-packed with stories from our lifetime of experience.

These stories hidden in our bones and belly can be tapped to bring forth healing, rejuvenation, and creativity — right up until our last breath. Many body trauma therapists, performing artists, and spiritual teachers have written about the wisdom of the body, but Samples brings this understanding of our bodies into the current high-buzz conversation about aging.

Written largely in memoir style, Body Odyssey takes readers inside intimate moments when her body is communicating eloquently — whether about trauma or triumph — to find meaning and creative possibilities in those experiences. Samples writes lyrically about her body’s revelations in response to a kidnapping, serious illness, a grizzly bear dance, and other encounters. Her stories stir readers to explore the stories being told in their own bodies. She also draws on the insights of cultural sages and other body disciples to reinforce her passionate call for appreciating the riches our aging bodies offer.

An appendix gives readers of any age a guide for pursuing their own body odyssey. You’ll discover “rules” you’ve adopted that govern the way you stand and move, secret longings waiting to be expressed, and a new sense of aliveness as you become a curious student of your body.

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