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Let’s create something wonderful together!

Thanks for visiting my website.

Here are two things I’d like you to know about me right away:

First, I have a passion for helping people find meaning and peace of mind as they
move beyond mid-life — and also when they are caring for others. I support people in living a conscious, creative life right up until their last
breath. If you would like to expand this vibrant, meaningful way of living for yourself or for the people you serve through your organization, please browse this site. Learn about the many ways I can support you in enriching the later years to your satisfaction.

Second, I’ve spent much of my adult life as a writer and editor. I also collaborate with individuals and organizations to achieve their writing goals and complete their writing projects. Are you ready to share your message, tell your story, or polish what you’ve created? I can make that easier for you. Let’s talk.

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